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Ariel Sharon - Life Story | A Biography

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Ariel Sharon - Biography Chapters

Ariel Sharon - Biography Chapters

1928-1947 Childhood and Youth

1948 Independence War

1953 Retribution Acts (Pe'ulot Tagmul)

1956 The Sinai War

1956-1967 Difficult Years

1967 Six-Day War

1967-1970 Defense Strategist

1971 War against Terrorism

1973 End of Military Career?

1973 October War (Yom Kippur War)

1975-1977 A Rookie Politician

1977-1982 Settlements vs. Peace

1981 Israel attack Iraq's nuclear plant

1982 The Lebanon War

1990-1992 Construction Bulldozer

2000 Visit to the Temple Mount

2001 Ariel Sharon Prime Minister Elect

2004 Ariel Sharon's Disengagement Plan

2005 Ariel Sharon's Stroke Drama

2006 Ariel Sharon Died - Fact or Rumor?

2006 Latest News on Ariel Sharon's Condition

2006 Ariel Sharon - Israel Prize Nomination

2013 Is Ariel Sharon waking up from his coma?


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This site is dedicated to the life of Ariel Sharon, a warrior and a statesman, and one of the most prominent yet controversial leaders of Israel. The story of his life is very much the story of the State of Israel. You will find here a detailed account of Ariel Sharon's military and political career.


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Ariel Sharon Biography Books

Ariel Sharon: A life

by Nir Hefetz and Gadi Bloom

Review: The Jerusalem Post


Warrior: An Autobiography

by Ariel Sharon and David Chanoff


Politicide: The Real Legacy of Ariel Sharon

by Baruch Kimmerling



Ariel Sharon (Biography)

by Norman H. Finkelstein


Ariel Sharon Web Biographies

Official biography - Israel's PMO




NY Times

The Jewish Agency

Mid East Web

Jewish Virtual Library

Ariel Sharon in Zionism & Israel


Ariel Sharon Web Resources

Recent articles by Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon's Last Interview - Nikkei

Peace Maker or Peace Breaker - CNN

Amos Oz on Ariel Sharon - Ynet


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