Knesset Member Yoel Hasson (Kadima) proposed awarding the Israel Prize to former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in the Life Work category. This automatically makes comatose Ariel Sharon a nominee for the prize.

Hasson said that Ariel Sharon was, “An outstanding soldier throughout the chain of command, the hero of the Yom Kippur War, an admired general, a Knesset member and minister for many years and one of the most popular prime ministers in the history of the State of Israel.”

Hasson consulted Ariel Sharon’s family members prior to submitting the nomination, and they gave their blessing to his initiative.

Knesset Member Zvi Hendel of the right-wing National Union Party, objected Ariel Sharon’s nomination for Israel Prize. Hendel said many Israelis believe that the withdrawal form Gaza Strip, which was planned and implemented by Ariel Sharon, undermined Israel’s national security.

Soon after Hasson suggested Ariel Sharon as a nominee for Israel Prize, Knesset Member Yitzhak Levy (National Union-National Religious Party) nominated the settlers who were evacuated from Gush Katif by Ariel Sharon during the implementation of the Disengagement Plan. Levy said, “You can’t award a life’s work prize to someone who destroyed a life’s work. You can’t reward someone who destroyed, but rather those who build. Sharon, unfortunately, ruined a life’s work with his own hands.”

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