Remembering Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon finally succumbed to his illness in 2014. He had suffered a severe stroke in 2006, and never recovered. While many people think of Sharon in terms of his position as the Prime Minister of Israel (2001 until his stroke in 2006), others will say that he is most remembered for his abilities as a soldier from the moment that Israel formed its Army in 1948.

Sharon was a true believer in Israel’s independence, and was a soldier, then an officer, in the 1948 War of Independence, where he was shot (and of course he recovered). But, he didn’t stop there. He was founded “Unit 101” which was Israel’s very first commando unit, and then he was the commander of the “Paratrooper Brigade” – Unit 202 (this was in the 1956 Suez War), and a number of other conflicts (Six-Day War [1967], War of Attrition [1967-70] and Yom Kippur War [1973]).

It isn’t surprising to see that a man of such bravery and stature – not to mention intelligence – would become involved in politics. He became the Israeli Prime Minister in 2001, after defeating Ehud Barak, who had served as Prime Minister from 1999 – 2001 (when Sharon won).

While Ariel Sharon may no longer be with us, Israel has no intention of forgetting this legend. There is currently a park being built that will be named for him – the Ariel Sharon Park – in Tel Aviv (it is said to be more than three times the size of Central Park in New York City), and Camp Ariel Sharon, a military training base, is also being constructed.

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